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Welcome to my new & improved website!

I know it might not look like much right now, but I have many more features planned for the future. The majority of my work over the last 6 months has been programming, configuring and optimising the backend system that runs the website.

My previous website (2019-2020), and the one before that (2016-2019), were not that great due to my lack of experience in properly setting up and configuring a website. The first website had plenty of detailed content that explained who I am, showed off some of my projects, etc. The second website however, didn't have any of that and instead was simply my avatar with a dozen or so links below it to my various online profiles on different websites. Sort of pointless, considering I always told people to go to my website if they want to find information about who I am :/

This website that you're reading right now, launched at the start of 2021, is hopefully going to be my last major redesign & recreation of my website, thanks to all the knowledge and experience I've learned/gained over the last 4-5 years. I intend for this website to be a centralised place where I can describe who I am, showcase my projects & achievements, direct people to my other online profiles, talk to the rest of the Internet through blog posts or guides, allow others to easily personally speak to me, etc.