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The majority of these projects are hosted on GitHub under open-source licences in the hope that they will help other developers in the future.

There are hundreds of repositories on my account, but only a couple dozen are publicly available. I am attempting to go through them all and make them suitable for public release, but it has proven to be quite a time-consuming task.

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My most successful project to date is my Car Keys addon for Garry’s Mod. It has over 30,000 unique visitors on the Steam Workshop page, over 22,000 current subscribers, 1,500 current favourites, and is in around 10,000 player collections.

My other two Garry’s Mod addons, Viral’s Scoreboard and Black Hole Cache, are not as successful but do have roughly 2,300 current subscribers across each of them.

My favourite projects though is my website, community Discord bot, Discord relay Minecraft mod, and Twitch chat bot.


This section will eventually be updated to show a table of repositories on my self-hosted Git server.

Most of these repositories will be unaccessible as they are for private projects, the ones that are not though will be downloadable via git clone without the need for authentication.