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I own a small community that I founded in early 2016 with some friends. We have been going on for around 5 years now and have always kept our very chilled back & relaxed approach towards everything we do. Feel free to hop into my Discord server if you wish to join us!

The community was started up around a Garry's Mod server, but we have since closed that server down and now the community is not focused around anything, instead it is now more of just a casual place to chat and make new friends. Although, we have recently started up a Minecraft server if you enjoy playing that game. However, my Discord server still gets the most attention, with roughly a dozen always active members, around 150 current members and nearly 500 to have ever joined in total.

I also have a Matrix chat room if you prefer messaging with better privacy and security, the address is Do note however, there are signifigantly less people in it compared to the Discord server.

Finally, I do also have a Steam group. However, the chat is never used and I stopped posting announcements in it some time ago. It is very dead and only exists because it cannot be deleted, so do not bother joining it.