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I have a small community named Conspiracy Servers that I founded in early 2016 with my friend alex_1001. We've been going on for around 5 years now and have always kept our chill, relaxed & non-serious approach towards everything we do. Feel free to hop into our Discord server if you wish to join us!


In late 2015, myself and a few other friends joined a small Garry's Mod DarkRP server named Brother Gaming, owned by Killer1. We played for a bit, had some fun and made some memories. The server seemed good, it was just missing enough active players to make it more enjoyable, so we applied for staff to try help it out. We were all promoted to moderator nearly straight away, and soon after I worked my way up to being the server's developer thanks to my ameture knowledge with Garry's Mod Lua programming at the time.

Things stayed like this for a while, the owner would send me emails with addons, I'd configure or fix them, send them back, they'd be implemented and the cycle repeated. However, nothing seemed to change. The server never really got any extra players despite all the new changes, so it was clear that more had to be done. By this time, the friends I had joined with had all left and weren't playing on the server anymore, which meant I was by myself with the owner and the existing staff team that was there before us.

This is around the time that alex_1001 first joined the server, and little did I know back then that I was about to meet the guy that would end up being one of my closest friends for the next many years to come. We of course played around alot and had lots of fun, but he eventually applied and joined the staff team too. He was a moderator for quite a while, but during that time he made occasional suggestions for the server and helped me and the owner out wherever he could. I decided to promote myself up to head-developer and make him a developer, so we could work on the server together. This too lasted for a while, but even with two people now trying to make the server better, no big community dreams were ever achieved.

When nothing much happened with the server for a few weeks, the owner decided it was time to shut it down for good. We had a great run, but all good things must come to an end. I wasn't done yet however, I had enjoyed being the developer quite alot, so I wanted to continue. This is when the owner and another high ranking staff member liambus (who was part of the existing staff team from before me), invited me to a Steam group chat and discussed making another community, that this time would be in my hands. We had no idea what to pick for a name, so we just randomly brainstormed ideas and eventually landed on one, and so Conspiracy Servers was born.

I would more or less come to make the successor community, as the existing staff team was carried over along with the majority of the server's assets. So as expected, we started off with a DarkRP server (as all communities usually do :P) dubbed "CSRP", lots of changes were made to differ it from the previous server but we kept some core things that we thought were great. Somehow, we actually managed to get a decent playerbase with a couple regulars coming on the server to play each and every day. I would work day and night with alex_1001 to constantly try bring new features to the server, things were perfect. So much so, that we decided to expand out and create a new Sandbox server dubbed CSSBox which it turns out would end up being our primary server for the next few years as it was way more popular than our DarkRP server.

As the Sandbox server grew, the DarkRP server shrinked resulting in less and less attention, eventually I shut it down because it just became a waste of system resources to host an empty server. I don't think this decision was favoured much by the staff team, as I pretty much lost the vast majority of them when I did this as they were all DarkRP players, not Sandbox players. So the only ones left were myself, alex_1001, Killer1, liambus and zackfire (another guy part of the existing previous staff team). I published a staff application on the community forums and started accepting new staff members as we needed to replenish the team. This worked, thankfully. I'm glad I did it too, as zackfire and Killer1 eventually stopped playing and moved on, and I perma-banned liambus because I was fed up of him. So we were left without an owner anymore (despite the community being mine, I was the founder of it and at the time Killer1 still had an owner rank), which I didn't really care much for as I was basically the owner myself.

Years passed, the community went through many new servers that died (Spacebuild, SCP-RP, MilitaryRP, TF2 Surf, Base Wars, TTT, SpacebuildRP, Black Mesa RP, etc), and project launches (Forums, Teamspeak, etc.), big changes, droughts and pitfalls, but that brought us to where we are today. alex_1001 was eventually promoted to co-founder (and then founder alongside me shortly after), as he was pretty much a founder given how he'd been with me from the very start and aside from me, he was the one who had put the most work into the community.


Today, we still have our Sandbox server (and an upcoming Minecraft survival server!), but we're no longer focused around being a gaming community. Our Discord server gets the most attention, with around a dozen or more active members and nearly 200 members in total, so I decided to change the community to be focused that instead. A casual, relaxed, chilled back and free discussion Discord community that happens to run some game servers for us friends to play and have a laugh on :D

I hope this community lasts for many, many more years. It's one of the best things that's ever happened to me and I'm so thankful to have it :)