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I own a small community that I founded in early 2016 with some friends. We have been going on for around 5 years now and have always kept our relaxed & chill approach towards everything we do.

The community was started up around Garry’s Mod servers for DarkRP, Sandbox and Spacebuild, but those have all since closed down and nowadays the community is no longer focused around games, instead it is more of a casual place to chat with friends.

Although having said that, we have recently started to host a vanilla Minecraft survival server every time a new major update releases, so if you enjoy that game then feel free to come play with us.


The primary platform for the community is our Discord, which was created in late 2016. We have dozens of active members, around 150 current members, and nearly 500 total members.

We also have a Matrix, TeamSpeak 5, and Revolt chat room for those that value their privacy and security. Do note however, these have significantly less members compared to the Discord server.

If the links above do not work for you, the invite codes for each platform are:

Before the Discord, we used to host a customised MyBB forum, TeamSpeak 3 voice server, and Steam group. All but the last of these are long since gone, though the Steam group is no longer used, so there is no use in joining.