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I am a programmer and developer from the United Kingdom that has valuable experience in nearly every major programming language and a constant interest in the evergrowing technology industry.


I enjoy working on personal projects in my free time, which are usually desktop applications for Windows and Linux, websites, Unity games, backend server-side infrastructure, Android applications, and game modding. Though I do still have fun taking on new projects in areas I have never explored before.

My interests are not just in software though, I am quite knowledgeable in computer hardware too. I have repaired many laptops and desktops, and built my own desktop and home server. I can give great suggestions and advice for hardware choices, and explain the rationales behind why it is ideal for the given use case.

I also like experimenting with embedded electronics and microsystems, such as Arduino's, Raspberry Pi's, etc. Though I have not made anything worth sharing yet, since it is still a small hobby that I am actively trying to get better at.


My programming experience over the last decade has been in the following languages and areas:

I also have experience using or integrating with the following software suites and technologies:

Thanks to my many years of experience with such a large variety of languages and technologies in the computing space, I find it very easy to get started and learn new topics.


These are my various online profiles. If you come across a profile with my username on it that is not listed below then it is likely not mine.