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Welcome to my personal corner of the world-wide web where I talk about myself, showcase my projects, and highlight my achievements from over the many years I have been programming.

See the about page for more information around who I am and what I do.


I open-sourced the code for this website in July of 2022, it is available on GitHub for free.

I used the repository for the development of this design, which is why it is over 2 years old despite the recent release to the public.

In July of 2023, I rewrote the code for this website so it could be statically generated using Hugo instead of server-side rendered using PHP. This has resulted in the loss of some functionality for now, such as the dynamic data on the security and cookie policy pages. Check out the issue tracker and Kanban board for progress updates.


This website has undergone dozens of redesigns, rewrites and domain changes over the five years it has been operational.

I plan for this minimalist design, launched at the start of 2021, to be the last major redesign of my website. Thanks to all the experience I have gained over the last few years from hosting my community forum, personal websites and University projects, I believe I have got to the point where there is no longer the warrant for a complete redesign whenever I learn a new topic in website design and development.

The inspiration behind this design stems from wanting to create a fast, minimalistic website that would work well across any device from any time. It does not require any weird CSS hacks or browser-specific selectors, nor does it violate any HTML standards. The layout is easy to manage and adapts well to new content using my on-the-fly Markdown to HTML converter.

The only exception to “any device from any time” is security. This web server requires clients to support TLS v1.2 or newer, EC certificates, and strong cipher suites. See the security page for more details about the security of this website.


The only archives of my previous designs are here (2019 to 2020) and here (2018 to 2019). Nothing of the former and domains (2016 to 2018) was archived.

My previous design from 2019 was not ideal as it only served as a portal to my profiles. Though I did prefer the aesthetic of it compared to the design before it from 2018.